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Introducing SouthBank Legal : LaDue | Curran | Kuehn

The team discusses the firm’s new name.

We’re more than a decade into realizing our vision for an innovative, highly responsive team of attorneys and legal staff, and it’s time that our name reflects that vision. We are SouthBank Legal: LaDue | Curran | Kuehn.

Why The New Name?
When we started out, we recognized that the traditional law firm model didn’t work as well as it should. Other talented lawyers recognized this, too, and joined us in our effort to find a better way. We chose to focus on a team-based approach to client service and continuous improvement, and we believe our name should reflect this approach.

How Are We Different?
Our team-centered approach begins with the way we treat each other, and ends with a more effective and rewarding experience for our clients.

Collaboration Over Competition
Most of us worked at other firms before coming to SouthBank Legal. Many firms, especially larger firms, do a lot of things really well. But they do some things that can foster internal competition, which discourages the teamwork that best serves our clients. Our model aims to reward collaboration and innovation.

At SouthBank Legal, we don’t have strict formulas for determining our attorneys’ compensation. We consider the many ways each attorney adds value, from consistently delivering outstanding legal work and advice, to helping the team nurture relationships with current clients and building relationships with new ones, to mentoring others on the team to continuously improve and become the best lawyers they can be.

We encourage our team members to captain their own ships. We’re all driven by something, and it’s usually not the same thing from one member of the team to another. Everyone on the team is free to pursue a practice that they find fulfilling. It doesn’t happen overnight, but we believe that supporting each other in this effort makes us better, more driven legal counselors and advocates for our clients.

Win-Win Client Partnerships
We want to help all of our clients achieve their goals, whether those goals involve buying or selling a business, taking care of their employees while minding the bottom line, or winning an important case. With business and legal strategy working hand-in-hand from the beginning, our collaborative approach enables our clients to chart a path to their goals that is not just effective, but also minimizes the cost to move from problem to solution.


SouthBank Legal practice areas. We serve clients from startups, to corporations. to individuals in the Midwest and beyond.


The Logo

Our new mark reflects our roots. The “S” for SouthBank is an abstract form of the winding St. Joseph River; the star element denotes the location of our South Bend office, located in the 100 East Wayne Building.

We’re proud of our communities and have invested in offices that are located on the south bank of the St. Joseph River in both South Bend and Elkhart, Indiana. SouthBank Legal is a nod to our beginnings in these communities as we set out to give our team-based approach a broader geographic reach.

So, how might we work together? Whether you’re a corporation, small business, or individual, you will get the same treatment: a smart, responsive, and agile legal team by your side every step of the way. We’d love to hear from you.

Introducing SouthBank Legal : LaDue | Curran | Kuehn
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